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AddMeTree presents you new-great option for users who don't need to think about account balance. If you want to get unlimited points regularly, this option is for You!

What is a subscription and how does it work?
The concept of the subscription is getting unlimited points during the subscription period and simultaneously promoting some amount of links depending on your subscription package.

You can choose one of these great packages:

Start Today.
Choose the plan that's right for you.
You can upgrade or cancel anytime.




$ 199 / Week
$ 499 / Week
$ 999 / Week
Simultaneous Active Links Count 3 10 25
Bought Points Count unlimited unlimited unlimited
Billing Period weekly weekly weekly
Available Payment Methods:
Available Payment Methods
Once your initial subscription period is expired, your subscription will be automatically renewed.
You can cancel the automatic billing any time.
Depending on the payment method you will be charged fixed time period (exmpl. for Credit Cards it's one year), then if you want you can subscribe again.
You can subscribe to a plan with more features or cancel it any time (downgrade is not supported here).
What is a simultaneous links count?
It means that you can add unlimited links, but you can promote only restricted amount of links at the same time for all packs.
What is unlimited bought points count?
During the subscription period you can forget about points count, because you will have unlimited points. You can continue to get free points and participate in an affiliate programm. After the end of the subscription period you can use them as usual. During the subscription period you can't use your points for other links.
Under which CPC will my links be displayed?
The CPC for all links, during the subscription period, will be displayed 10. It will give you a maximum performance for your campaigns.