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An excellent  way to advertise your website, blog, forum or social account on AddMeTree. You can choose from two types of advertising:

1. Monthly (per 30 days) - only for $3000. In this place there will be max. 5 banners - with random rotation (estimate Impressions per banner - up to 20,000,000)
2. Per 1K Impressions - only for $0.30 for 1K Impressions (estimate Impressions for 30 days - up to 100,000,000)

For both cases the banner size must be 160x200. The banners will be visible for logged users on the right side of the website. It's also possible to place animated banners.

There is alos another way to promote your product/link via Twitter post - only for $30 per tweet (Estimate followers on our twitter account is 138,000)

For more information please visit BuySellAds
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